Organization design

Growth and stability don't have to be tradeoffs.

We help leadership teams meet their financial targets while building a healthy culture focused on the customer and product. When their firm is bought or sold, we help integrate new colleagues and fulfill the desired goals of a stronger-together organization. And when the team has lost its way, we can help refocus leaders on what really matters.

Structuring for growth
Investors want both stability and increasing returns which can often feel like a tradeoff. We help organizations grow without increasing bureaucracy and introducing toxic dependencies.
M&A driven engagements
Merging two different cultures, processes, and technologies can introduce complexity that quickly escalates into confusion and disruption. We can help generate alignment before the deal closes and build a common operating model after the signatures are sent.
Turnaround and restructuring
We help leadership teams resolve unhealthy dynamics while refocusing teams on the core mission and customers of the company.