We believe in the purpose of your organization.
What makes your firm tick? We tailor our work and perspectives to align with your mission. You won’t see us push some new management fad or template framework on your unique organization.
We do the work with you.
“Leave behinds” or PowerPoints aren’t enough to make change. We know how to make a website, run a regression, test a product with consumers, and research daily operations. We’ll do that with your team so everyone can learn along the way.
We look for the experts you already employ.
Outside perspective is always important but we also want to help your team identify its own strengths and knowledge. We aren’t the suits who camp in abandoned conference rooms.
We study timeless management challenges.
History informs our work as much as visions of the future. We are students of engineering, economics, operations, and political science. We don’t hawk buzzwords. We look for facts.